We build homes in EVERYONE’s price range! We specialize in modern, contemporary, and efficient uncompromised quality built homes at the best prices in town. Whether you are looking for your first home or the house of your dreams, you can be sure that DB Fuller Homes will make your dreams a reality.


David Fuller of DB Fuller Homes comes from very humble beginnings.  For instance, he learned all trades associated with the construction of a house from the bottom up.  Since the age of 19, David has worked in the construction of homes as an apprentice, helper, and crew member.  Eventually, he started operating his own sub-contracting crew. As a result, David established his first home building company in 2002, and together with a partner, ran and operated a successful company until 2015.  ln January 2015, David ventured out on his own to create his second home building company together with his wife, Audrey Fuller, which now bears his name. DB Fuller Homes has since earned a reputation for integrity and quality in both the construction, style, and efficiency of their homes, as well as customer satisfaction during and after the sale of all their homes while offering the best prices in town.


Modern Contemporary

We build a Modern Contemporary home in family oriented neighborhoods using local vendors and locally bought materials. These homes range from 1200-2200+ square feet, and the homes include contemporary color schemes, appliances, covered patios, a spacious garage, and 3-4 bedrooms.  Because of this, they are perfect for new families, retired couples, single professionals and everyone in between.


DB Fuller Homes will help your dreams become reality by helping you build your very own custom home. We assist each customer with combining preferred architectural and design elements and unique individualized distinction with long lasting quality in their homes that will endure for years to come. Custom homes can be built on your lot or ours. We take the time to help each customer make selections and offer our experties at each step of construction. Building your dream home is a smooth and stress-free experience when you are working with DB Fuller Homes where experience is key!


Everything we build is done on-site. We hire local independent contractors to handle different facets of building. Materials purchased are through our local partners. We care about the homes we build and the communities that surround us. We offer a 10-year structural limited warranty with every home we close at no additional fee to the buyer. You can rest assured that we build on-site, buy materials local, and give back to the community that has given so much to us.


1. How do I know if an item is covered under one year warranty?

Check your Homeowner’s Maintenance Manual given to you at your walk through.

2. How do I get a covered warranty item fixed?

Fill out a Warranty Request Form on line and submit it, or call the warranty line at  254-721-6004.

3. Who do I call if my one year warranty is over?

Bonded Builders Warranty Group

4. Does my one year warranty cover items considered customer maintenance (check Homeowner’s Maintenance Manual)?


5. Is the homeowner responsible for reading the Homeowner’s Maintenance Manual?


6. Why can’t DB Fuller Homes install an outlet in my garage for a deep freezer?

Federal, State, and City code strictly mandate new home construction to have GFCI, Ground Fault Circuit lnterrupters, and AFCI, ARC Fault Circuit lnterrupter, in addition to standard circuit breakers in all new homes. These outlets generally do not sustain the electrical wattage required by large appliances.

7. Are homeowners responsible for regular upkeep and maintenance of their home?

Yes, this includes indoor and outdoor maintenance.
For example, insuring your furniture as proper foot protection as to not tear the vinyl or crack the tiles, being carefulwhile mowing lawn so not to chip a window, winterizing your sprinkler systems, pipes, lawn care, and fence care, etc.