You should keep in mind, when considering offers, that you are out to get the best price AND the best terms for you. If you focus solely on the price, you may overlook terms that could be favorable to you as a buyer.

A term that may work in your favor is relief from a higher-than-market-interest in a second mortgage for your home.  Other favorable terms are when the buyer will pay for most or all of the closing costs.  Also, when the buyer agrees to take care of repairs.  

Because a pre-approved buyer is ready to close in a timeframe that suits you, the quick close is great for you.  Sometimes, the buyer will make an all-cash deal, which is an excellent deal for you.

When you are reading through offers, remember to look at the whole package. Take the time you need to assess what is being offered and if it meets your needs.

man on phone considering offers made by buyer